A Message From Temple Shalom

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Our Board of Trustees

Temple Shalom's Board of Trustees is comprised of two dozen men and women who dedicate their time and energy to the oversight of our synagogue.

The Board has a variety of committees led by Trustees, but we are always looking for volunteers to participate, especially when they have specialized knowledge in a field of expertise.

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Evan Lister

Vice President

Jennifer Rabin Oehley

Vice President

Susan Steiz

Vice President

Martin Gitlin


Vice President

Howard Seiler


Cecilia Mesh

Financial Secretary

Ted Randolph


Dan Guller


Three-Year Trustees

Robin Ronai


Richard Bierman


Jeffrey Pivor


Two-Year Trustees

Audra Good


Eric Przybisiki


Diane Rosenthal


Gene Wendell


Alton Landsman


One-Year Trustees

Sherry Perley


Larry Wilkes


Susan Beyman


Kent Nevins


Past Presidents

Donna Spellman


Jason Guttman

If you are interested in participating in a committee, please contact us using the form below.

Our current board of trustees, and related committees they serve on are listed below.


Music and Song

Music and Song

At Temple Shalom, we believe that music is a fundamental part of Jewish worship and expression. Our worship services encompass the depth and breadth of a rich musical tradition, combining new synagogue compositions with more traditional musical selections. This eclectic style serves to elevate worship to its highest level and uplifts the spirit through a unique musical experience.

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