The purpose of the Temple Shalom Sisterhood is to engage in activities that enrich the Temple’s religious school and youth programs and the congregation as a whole, provide a social network for its members in order allow female congregants to become more connected with each other and informed as Jewish women in today’s society and with the Temple at large and  engage in fundraising activities for specific needs of the Temple or to promote specific feminine, Jewish causes or needs.

Sisterhood offers many social and cultural opportunities for our women and we hope that you will get involved.  Please check our Temple Shalom calendar for upcoming events.

For more information, or to join Temple Shalom Sisterhood, please contact Karen Demeter, or Lisa Hayes,

Music and Song

Music and Song

At Temple Shalom, we believe that music is a fundamental part of Jewish worship and expression. Our worship services encompass the depth and breadth of a rich musical tradition, combining new synagogue compositions with more traditional musical selections. This eclectic style serves to elevate worship to its highest level and uplifts the spirit through a unique musical experience.

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